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Run massively scalable, open source-based performance tests against all of your apps, from classic
web and mobile to microservices and APIs, and validate performance at every software delivery stage.


  • "We gained more control over our development
    speeds, scripts and customer response times in
    our Continuous Integration environment
    thanks to BlazeMeter."

    Norm Warren, Developer


  • "BlazeMeter was our indispensable ally
    as our team evolved from focusing
    primarily on B2B application testing to
    including B2C apps and more frequent
    build and test cycles."

    Alex Emmermann, VP Engineering


  • "All of our performance testing was handled by a
    third party. It was expensive and we had no
    control. Now, all of the Mattel sites are using
    BlazeMeter to validate performance. They love the
    flexibility, fluid interface and friendly staff from BlazeMeter. There's no turning back."

    Nitin Jindal, Performance Engineer


  • "BlazeMeter allowed us to confirm and
    demonstrate to all the stakeholders that the
    approach we had taken was correct. The reduction
    of risk and putting specific numbers and
    thresholds about performance and scalability was a big help."




The application performance expectation?    Instantaneous.

The technology requirement?   Continuous Performance Testing.

The business result?   Serious Competitive Advantage.

Performance - Testing - As - Code
At Every Stage.





Freedom. Flexibility. Control.
Only from BlazeMeter.


Open Source

Design and execute large scale tests
using leading open source tools:


Massively Scalable
Cloud Architecture

Run hundreds of performance
tests in parallel from behind the
firewall or at massive scale from
over 25
global cloud locations,
in minutes.


World's Largest
Self-Service Testing Platform

Easily build tests with your preferred
open source testing tool, correlate results
with your favorite APM and deploy to
production with confidence.



Unprecedented Test Collaboration

With BlazeMeter, software delivery teams boost productivity
by seamlessly sharing test scripts with their peers for faster feedback,
deeper learning and higher performance.




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