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How to Set Your JMeter Load Test to Use Client Side Certificates

Posted by Refael Botbol

Need to use certificates to provide HTTPS request for your load test?  You have two options:   1. Use a server-side client certificate This requires the least amount of work. You use the server to encrypt and decrypt the data. However, occasionally the web application requires a client-side certificate due to security policies.  

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White Box Vs. Black Box in Load Testing

Posted by Alex Haiut

If you're looking into software testing methods, it’s worth exploring White (or Glass/Transparent) Box testing vs Black Box testing.   The idea behind White Box testing is that the tester can observe what happens inside the box during the test. This does involve a level of comprehension in terms of the application's internal architecture and code. Nonetheless, that skill will allow the tester to better understand the ultimate test results.  

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How to Include Load Testing in your Continuous Integration Environment

Posted by Doron Bloch

It still hasn’t been around that long, but Continuous Integration (CI) is already considered a ‘Best Practice’ and is a key element of agile development methodologies.   What are Continuous Integration (CI) Processes?   If you’re following CI processes, you need to test every change made to your codebase as early as possible. Using tools like Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo, developers continuously integrate new or changed code into a shared repository – and verify it with an automated build.  Typical CI process steps include:

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Load Testing Your Email Server: How to Send and Receive E-mails with JMeter

Posted by Dmitri Tikhanski

E-mail is one of the most commonly used communication channels in the modern world. Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail have over 1 billion registered users. Over 300 billion email messages are sent daily and 3.5+ million emails are sent every second.   Having your “own” email server is the de facto standard for most businesses. And the majority of ECM, CMS and other enterprise solutions have inbound and outbound email integrations - no wonder email server performance is such a hot topic!  

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Performance Testing in a Scaled Down Environment. Part Two: 5 Things You Can Test

Posted by itay.mendel

  In my last post I covered the Challenges of Performance Testing in a Scaled Down Environment. This week, I’m going to address what you should check when scaling down for a performance test.  

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View the Webcast: Real-Time Script-Less Performance Testing

Posted by admin

It’s been an exciting week here at BlazeMeter. In last week’s blog post, our CEO Alon Girmonsky revealed our revolutionary new FollowMe technology – a feature that allows you to run instant performance tests without the scripting, without the software, and without the hassle!  

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Is JMeter a Viable Open Source Alternative to Loadrunner?

Posted by ophir.prusak

HP LoadRunner   Performance testing for websites is something which, in the past, was mostly done with software tools installed on local machines. Take for example HP's LoadRunner, probably the most well known tool in the world of performance testing (it’s been around for a while).  

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A New Script-Less Era of Performance Testing

Posted by Alon Girmonsky

Yep - you read it correctly. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that we’ll soon say goodbye to test scripting, scheduling, and preparation as we previously knew it. Large-Scale Performance Testing - The Old Paradigm   How many times have you run a test and found that things aren’t going to plan?     You think you’ve thought of everything. You carefully followed a lengthy, expensive and complex set of iterations which included:

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Performance Testing in Scaled Down Environments. Part One: The Challenges

Posted by itay.mendel

In an ideal world, we’d perform load testing on applications by running tests on an exact copy of the live production environment - including the application components, configuration and demand.  

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View the Webcast: How to Run JMeter Tests for 500,000+ Users

Posted by Clare Avieli

Missed our webinar on running JMeter load testing at scale & analyzing log data results?   Nearly 1,000 people signed up for this webinar – and we’ve recorded the session in full so you can view it too!  In this session, BlazeMeter’s Performance Engineer Refael Botbol and Trevor Parsons, Co-Founder of Logentries, teamed up to show you how to:  

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