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Stop Making Assumptions! Learn How to Replay Your Production Traffic With JMeter

Posted by Refael Botbol

You probably make a lot of assumptions when creating a JMeter script. When testing applications, most of us create JMeter scripts based on assumptions about various user scenarios and try to emulate their workflows and generated requests. Then, you cross your fingers that your estimations were correct!   Wouldn’t it be great if you could just replay application usage from the previous week? No more assumptions, no more errors.  

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JMeter Users: The One Book You MUST Read This Year

Posted by Andrey Pokhilko

Good books on JMeter are hard to find. In fact, there are just three books on JMeter available in the entire world - and two of them were written by the same author.   The JMeter Cookbook is Bayo Erinle’s second JMeter book and the third such book in existence.  Much as its name suggests, it comprises a collection of instructions (or recipes) teaching you how to setup and execute various tasks with JMeter.  

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BEWARE: Lazy Lovers May Crash Your Site This Valentine’s Day

Posted by Clare Avieli

February 14 is one month away. This gives you enough time to get your site or app ready for the influx of romantics buying gifts, cards, and even looking for love online.   But even with thorough testing, your site or app could still crash at the worst possible moment. Here are a couple of reasons why (and ways to prevent the worst from happening)   1. Traffic Will Probably be Higher Than You Expect  

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5 Unmissable DevOps Events in 2015

Posted by Ofir Nachmani

It may be 2015 but DevOps is still an evolving market. As such, there’s no fixed ‘go-to’ annual DevOps conference (yet!). All the more reason then, to make sure that we attend the most important conferences taking place in the field this year.   We researched high and low, listened to the community, and drew upon our own experience...and finally came up with a list of five “must-see” conferences. All of these events are highly educational, will be attended top players in the field, and discuss the most popular DevOps solutions on the market today.

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How to Load Test CSRF-Protected Web Sites

Posted by Dmitri Tikhanski

Does this picture look familiar?  

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3 More Reasons Why Open Source Isn’t Enough for JMeter Experts: Part 2

Posted by Ohad Gincel

JMeter is a free, open source tool that can be run directly from its user interface and has become the standard for performance testing in modern IT today. But is it enough?  

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BlazeMeter Helps New Social Platform for Flyers Get off The Ground

Posted by Russell Hyer

This is a guest post written by Russell Hyer, the CTO at Airclandestino - an innovative social platform for travelers.   Three weeks ago we launched Airclandestino, a new social platform that allows travelers to get in touch with fellow passengers before they even board the flight. By making this initial virtual connection, travellers can arrange to share taxis once they’ve landed or even share tips and information about their chosen destinations.  

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Interview with Michael Bolton: The Software Tester & the Unexpected, Part 2

Posted by Anonymous

Michael Bolton is a thought leader in the world of software testing, with over two decades of experience in the computer industry testing, developing, managing, and writing about software. As an international consultant and testing trainer, Michael gives workshops and conference presentations about testing methodologies and perceptions that specialize in Rapid and Exploratory Software Testing.

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Sizing Your AWS Cloud’s Capacity with BlazeMeter and Cloudyn

Posted by Refael Botbol and Zev Schonberg

How do you prepare your service for the next hike in traffic? How do you correctly size your cloud environment for the coming year? Can you forecast your demand? Do you know where your IT environment’s bottlenecks are? While most people think that cost optimization solely relates to increasing capacity, it also works in reverse, with environments that are underutilized and require a downsize in cloud operations in order to optimize usage and costs.

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Performance Testing for Mobile Apps and Websites: Webcast Now Online

Posted by Clare Avieli

If there’s one takeaway from Black Friday 2014, it’s that we need to ensure that our mobile apps will be able to perform under extremely heavy load.   Best Buy, the largest electronics retailer in the world, crashed on this key online shopping day because of a “concentrated spike in mobile traffic”. Best Buy’s online failure highlights the ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices and the growing need to perform rigorous performance testing on them.  

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