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Performance Testing
& Monitoring for Mobile
and Web Apps

Test the performance of any mobile app, website or API ​​in under 10 minutes. Simulate up to one million users with our developer friendly self service platform. 100% ​Compatible with ​Open Source ​Apache JMeter.


Your Own Elastic Performance Testing Cloud

With nothing to install or maintain you can start testing immediately. Use the same testing scripts throughout the entire product lifecycle from early development to production load testing and post-production monitoring.

Scale at the Click of a Button

Simulate 100 to 1,000,000 users with ease and uncover performance bottlenecks at any scale, before they become problems. Multiple geographic locations and hundreds of dedicated servers per test provide realistic real world traffic.


Open Source Technology, Enterprise Ready

Leverage the full power of Apache JMeter, the leading open source performance testing software, turbo-boosted to match the needs of growing enterprises. BlazeMeter adds must-have features, integrations and commercial support, without vendor lock-in.


Native Mobile Testing Built-in

Easily create, record and run realistic mobile tests with BlazeMeter’s unique mobile app recording technology. Record any native app and run tests simulating any mobile network: 4G, 3G, LTE ,Edge and more. See how your app really performs on actual devices and actual mobile networks (real devices, not a simulation).


Dedicated Servers On-Demand

No servers to setup, maintain or configure. Our platform gives you dedicated on-demand load servers whenever you need it, at any scale, as much as you want without the need to coordinate or schedule anything in advance.

Manage the entire testing process with one platform



Find performance bottlenecks in minutes and fix them early on. Test your mobile app, web app, website or API from the cloud or from behind the firewall. Easily record any scenario, no matter how complex with our browser plugin or upload your own JMeter scripts.



Add performance testing into your continuous integration process with plugins for Jenkins, Team-City and Bamboo, or use our Rest API to integrate any custom development process. Re-use the same scripts during development and post-build automated testing.



Test with up to one million concurrent users creating realistic load from multiple geographic locations. Simulate both desktop and mobile users. Get answers to scalability questions no matter how large and quickly identify bottlenecks.



Monitor performance at all levels of your application. Keep an eye on web apps, mobile apps, APIs, databases or even network performance. Integrate into your own Application Performance Management solution with plugins for New Relic and AWS CloudWatch.


What our customers are saying:


BlazeMeter allowed us to confirm and demonstrate to all the stakeholders that the approach we had taken was correct. The reduction of risk and putting specific numbers and thresholds about performance and scalability was a big help.


Using BlazeMeter instantly solved our complex configuration issues, putting the world at our fingertips and ushering us into a new age of performance testing. Chatting online with BlazeMeter’s support staff was definitely a plus, enabling a fast two-way communication channel. Conducting the tests with BlazeMeter was very easy, so we could spend more time on analyzing the results and fixing the problems rather than making the tests work.

Jukka Vesterinen / Lead Performance Architect, Tieto (YLE)

The New Relic integration is fantastic because you can see the load live, the number of concurrent users, the requests per second, on a time-series view. We want to look at a slice of time and see how our distributed system is performing as a whole. What’s getting stressed? database? app servers? the purchase flow? You don’t just use performance testing to discover your ceiling, but to see where we need to apply our engineering resources.

Spencer Greene / VP Engineering, Ticketfly.

BlazeMeter allows us to effortlessly load test at large scale capacity. We are able to run 50,000 simultaneous users tests on a weekly basis and always head into any large-scale event with absolute confidence.

Shlomo Rothschild / Director, Divisional Information Security and Architect at InterCall

Thanks to BlazeMeter, we’ve transformed the playing field in Brazilian e-commerce by creating an e-commerce store that did not flinch despite the immense amount of buyers we had

Jorge Filho / Walmart Brazil

After weighing up all our options, BlazeMeter was the clear winner. It enabled us to deliver high performing, scalable apps in a way that was incredibly easy to setup and use, while giving us the flexibility that we required.

Fraser Hardy / Qudini Co-Founder and CTO

BlazeMeter enabled us to get test results fast and effortlessly. Waiting to provision dozens of test servers and manage the intricacies of distributing large scale load tests is too costly and simply unrealistic in traditional IT environments.

Mike Valenty / Technical Director, Double Jump Games & Maker of iWin Slots