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Annual - Save up to 35%Month-to-Month
50 Concurrent Users
10 Tests
1 Shared Load Generator
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Max Users for a Webdriver Test: 5

Number of Tests: 10

Max Test Duration: 20 Mins

Data Retention: 1 Week

Team Member: 1

Support Level: Bronze

1,000 Concurrent Users
200 Tests/Year
1 Load Generator
More Features

Max Users for a Webdriver Test: 20

Number of Tests: 15/month or 200/year

Unlimited Sandbox Tests

Max Test Duration: 1 Hour

Data Retention: 3 Months

APM Monitoring

Private IPs

Support Level: Silver

Max Users for a Webdriver Test: 20

Number of Tests: As Many as You Need

Unlimited Sandbox Tests

Max Test Duration: 5 Hours

Data Retention: 6 Months

APM Monitoring

Private IPs

1 Second Report Resolution

Support Level: Silver
Volume Discounts
Fixed Cost (Unlimited) Plans
Dedicated IPs & On Premise Options
Priority Support
More Features


Concurrent Users

Max Users for a Webdriver Test

Load Generators

Tests Per Month/Year

Team Members


Sandbox Tests

Data Retention


Test Duration for as Long as You Need

APM Monitoring

Private IPs

1 Second Report Resolution

CDN Tests

On-Premise Solution Behind the Firewall

Gold Level Support Service

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Feature Free Basic Pro Unleashed
Max Concurrent Users ?The maximum number of concurrent virtual users per test. 50 1,000 5,000 Customizable
Max Concurrent Users For a Selenium Webdriver Test?The maximum number of concurrent virtual users per Selenium Webdriver test. Please note that these numbers vary based on your plan. The number for Free users is per test while paid plans are per load generator. 5 20 20 Customizable
Load Generators?The number of Load Generators shows how many servers you can spin up during a test. Free users' tests are run from a shared environment, meaning they won't have control over which physical location the test runs from. Paid accounts get dedicated servers. 1 Shared 1 20 Customizable
Number of Tests?This is the number of tests you'll get per month or a year (depends on your plan). The number of tests for our monthly plans is per month while for annual plans, the limit is annual. This means that you can decide how to use these tests; use them all in the first month or spread them out evenly over the year. For the FREE FOREVER plan, you’re given a set number of tests every month from a shared environment. 10 Tests/Month 200 Tests/Year As Many as your remaining VUH allows, depending on test sizes Customizable
Number of Sandbox Tests?An environment to run trial/debugging tests. Run tests for a maximum of 50 concurrent users for up to ten minutes from a shared environment and one geographical location. Sandbox tests don’t use up test credits and reporting data is retained in accordance with your plan. However, as all tests run from a shared environment, reports are less reliable.   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max Test Duration?The maximum duration of a single test. 20 Mins 1 Hour 5 Hours Customizable
Functional Test (API Calls)?This is the number of API calls when running functional tests you'll have per month or per year, depending on your plan. If you need more, please reach out to us at 1000/Month 12000/Year 12000/Year Unlimited
Data Retention?The length of time BlazeMeter stores reporting data. 1 Week 3 Months 6 Months Customizable
Team Members?Share your test scripts and reports with the entire team. Access and permissions can be controlled through our user management and role-based access control (RBAC). Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
APM Monitoring?Pull APM metrics into your BlazeMeter report or push BlazeMeter metrics into your APM solution, depending on the APM used, and easily correlate app server metrics with client side performance metrics.        
Private IPs Available?Dedicated IP addresses provided to your account. Primarily used when there is a need to open up a firewall for testing purposes. IPs are purchased separately.      
1 Second Report Resolution?View test result data at a 1 second granularity.        
CDN Tests?This feature can be used to load test your site and your CDN partner from multi geographical locations across the world.        
On-Premise Solution Behind the Firewall?Test website or apps by generating load from behind the firewall on your internal network. Contact us for details.        
Support Level Tier 2 Tier 2 Tier 2 Tier 1

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Common Questions

What is the FREE FOREVER plan?
Just as it sounds - this is a plan that you can use forever without paying a cent! You get up to ten tests per month for up to 20 minutes and with 50 concurrent users. Tests run from our shared servers - which means you can’t control the location of the load generators and reports are less reliable.
I've signed up for the Basic Plan... how many tests do I get a month?
We have two types of plans: Annual and Monthly.
For the Basic Annual Plans: You'll get your 200 tests right away. You decide how to use these tests; use them all in the first month or spread them out evenly over the year.
For the Basic Monthly Plans: You'll get 15 tests added to your account each month.
How are test credits consumed on the Basic Plan?
Under the Basic Plan, test credits are consumed one per test run, regardless of duration or size. A Sandbox Test (also known as a “debugging” or “dry run” test) allows you to validate your test configuration on a shared environment without consuming a test credit.
Please note: BlazeMeter is capable of generating up to 1,000 threads per machine, 150Mbps and 300hps.
How are testing credits consumed on the Pro Plan?
Under the Pro Plan tests are counted in Virtual User Hours (VUH). Each Virtual User (Thread) in your test will consume 1 VUH for tests of 1-60 minutes, 2 VUH for tests of 61-120 minutes, etc… A test that runs 200 Virtual Users for up to one hour will consume 200 VUH.
What if a test fails to run or generate a report?
If a test fails to run (i.e. due to an error in a user uploaded script) or generate a report (tests need to run for at least 2 minutes to generate a report), the test will not be deducted from your test credits. If the test is mistakenly counted against your test credits, just let us know and we’ll refund your credits.
How is the number of max concurrent users per test calculated?
As a rule of thumb we recommend running up to 1,000 threads/virtual users per one load generator. However, the number of users that can be simulated depends on a few factors such as script intensity or available resources (The more intense your script – the fewer threads a single load generator can support) which may result in a lower number of virtual users for your test. The Pro and Unleashed plans allow a more fine grained control over the testing resources enabling you to set the amount number of load generators and threads per load generator manually. Learn more here. Please note - Max threads for Selenium Web Driver tests are: Free Forever users get up to 5 threads per test. Basic & Pro users get up to 20 threads per Load Generator (Number of load generators according to your plan) Unleashed users will get their threads customized configurations according to their need.
Please note: BlazeMeter is capable of generating up to 1,000 threads per machine, 150Mbps and 300hps.
Do you offer discounts for non-profit organizations? How about academic institutions?
Yes, we provide discounts for most non-profits, NGOs, and accredited academic institutions. We also provide a free plan for startupsContact us for more details.
How do I cancel my subscription?
We don’t want to see you go...but we’ve made it easy for you anyway. You can cancel anytime and we just won’t renew your subscription. Here’s how: Login to your account and go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Billing Info’ and then ‘Cancel Account’. Check out this article for a step-by-step guide. A word of warning: when you cancel, you’ll automatically be downgraded to our FREE FOREVER plan and lose all the data from your reports. Contact our customer support team if you have any questions.

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