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Performance and Load Testing, 100% compatible with Apache JMeter, 3rd party plugins, and advanced features. Control any aspect of your test in real time:

  • Threads
  • Hits/sec
  • Arrival rate
  • Pause/resume ramp up
  • Add/remove scenarios

Set your target KPIs as failure criteria and track performance over time. Combine multiple tests to run as one while also maintaining granular reporting. BlazeMeter supports JMeter, Selenium, Gatling, Grinder, Locust and more…

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Performance Testing Using Open-Source Scripts

Experience the latest generation of BlazeMeter open-source testing at any scale:

  • More tools: Run 20+ open source testing tools with the same intuitive experience we provide for JMeter. Run tests for Gatling, The Grinder, Selenium Java/Ruby/Python and others
  • Less hassle: Your single test now supports multi locations and multi scenarios
  • Less work: Auto-save for configuration changes
  • More efficiency: Simplified "no console" architecture provides streamlined reporting, fewer calibration runs, simpler test configurations and simplified Private Location planning

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URL Performance Testing Without Scripts

Interactively build testing scenarios with ease, from simple single-endpoint tests to complex multi-step workflows.

  • Select Get, Post, Put, Patch, Delete, Options, Head or Connect
  • Create assertions on Text, Response time, JSONPath, JSONPath value, XPath or Regex
  • Extract response data and store in variables to be used in subsequent requests
  • Define default address, global variables and global headers to be used in multiple calls
  • Harvest the created script after any test run & commit to your repo if you like

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End User Experience Monitoring

Monitor your front end performance under load.

  • Simple: Just add your URL after uploading your load testing script and we will run it in Selenium for you.
  • Advanced: Run entire Selenium scenarios with your own scripts.
  • Insightful: Get combined KPIs for HTTP/JMeter response times and for GUI page load times. Analyze requests in a Waterfall chart with webpage screenshots to get a complete client side breakdown.

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API Testing: Performance & Functional

  • Simply enter a URL and click start! No coding necessary
  • Reuse your existing JMeter scripts and run them as functional API tests.
  • API Functional Testing - cloud or on-premises option
  • Drill down analytics and reporting

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Scalable Load Testing from Anywhere, Public or Private

Simulate thousands or millions of virtual users from 38 locations across the globe (Asia Pacific, Europe, North and South America). Choose your preferred cloud provider: AWS, Google or Azure.

Need to test within your private network or on your own cloud? No problem. Drive load from behind your firewall with BlazeMeter's dockerized private agents. Install in minutes and test continuously from development to production.

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Load Testing

Real-time Reporting and Comprehensive Analytics

Find bottlenecks quickly using rich, interactive graphs. Analyze online or download critical metrics including response time percentiles, bandwidth and errors. Track trends over time from multiple builds with our Comparison Reports. Collaborate and share interactive test results and graphs with team mates or generate an Executive Report. Keep all stakeholders — technical and business — on the same page.

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Continuous Integration Analytics

Monitoring Tool Integration

Get the full picture by correlating your load test metrics with CA APM, New Relic, AppDynamics, Dynatrace and CloudWatch metrics. Together with BlazeMeter, these solutions make it much easier to collaborate with OPS to find the source of a bottleneck in the application.

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continuous Integration
continuous Integration
continuous Integration
continuous Integration

Delivery Pipeline Integrations

Integrate BlazeMeter with your favorite Continuous Integration server (Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis, Teamcity, CircleCI).

Run functional or small-scoped load tests in parallel to ensure quality while shortening the build/test cycle. Automatically fail builds based on performance or functional KPIs. Automate test runs in staging and QA environments by integrating BlazeMeter with Chef, Puppet, AWS CodePipeline, IBM Bluemix, and other deployment tools and services.

Use our full public API for customized integration or our Slack webhook to drive test alerts to specific Channels.

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Script Real Traffic Faster Than Ever

Multiple options to record your Native or Mobile Web App traffic from any type of device:

  • Use our secure proxy to capture all requests coming from your mobile device to a JMeter script.
  • Record browser actions to a JMeter script with the Chrome Plugin. It can also run scriptless load tests just by following your actions.
  • If you already have scripts, use our automatic script converters to convert HP LR VUGen, SoapUI, pcap, or HAR files to JMeter/Selenium scripts.

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Mobile Testing

Simulate Production Network Conditions

Using BlazeMeter Network Emulation you can model your load profile to reflect real-world connection types like 3G, LTE, WiFi, and more, as well as setting custom latency and bandwidth properties.

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Performance Testing for Developers

With BlazeMeter, developers can easily create tests (or harness existing open source scripts) in their favorite editor using straightforward YAML or JSON syntax. Create and edit performance tests alongside code without switching context or having to open other tools. Keep your tests in your preferred version control repository to track changes and revert when necessary.

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