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Performance Testing

Instantaneous load testing for your mobile apps, web apps, websites, APIs and web services.

Start Testing in Minutes

Want to get started quickly?

Just enter the URLs you want to test, or record your browser session to auto-generate scripts.

JMeter Pro?

Run your JMeter test scripts directly in BlazeMeter. Your test. Your choice.


Scalable Load Testing with JMeter

Simulate from 10 to over one million concurrent users with ease. Launch tests from multiple locations in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific for a more accurate user representation. 100% compatible with JMeter scripts.


Enjoy Real-Time Reporting & Comprehensive Analytics

Define and track the KPIs that matter with analytics and interactive charts.

Get clearer insights with our test comparison reports and export test statistics for further analysis.


Experience the Most Realistic Way to Run Tests

Use Selenium WebDriver to run functional and load tests using real browsers, correlate the real-life user experience with your load test, and break down Selenium scenarios into stages for detailed and precise reports.


Test from Public or Private Clouds

Generate traffic using public cloud providers like Amazon & Google, or install our on-premise load generator software on your own machines and test behind the firewall on your internal network.


Get Deeper Insights With APM Integrations

Integrate your test data with top-tier APM solutions like New Relic and Cloudwatch for end-to-end visibility of your server, app and end user experience.


Continuous Integration Testing

Test early & often to catch performance issues before they happen.

Automate Your Testing Throughout the Development Lifecycle

Complete your Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes with integrated automated testing throughout the SDLC.

Performance issues can be caught and remedied before they are introduced into production code, saving time fixing issues down the road.


Run Tests With 'DevOps Friendly' Tools and Languages

Create, define and run tests with your favorite programming languages, such as Python, Ruby, or even Shell.

Using a testing tool like JMeter or Selenium?
BlazeMeter supports all open source testing tools.

Not using a testing tool?
Use JSON files to configure your load test.


Use With Your Existing Development Stack

BlazeMeter integrates seamlessly with various tool sets. Use it with CI tools (Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Travis), CS solutions (Chef, Docker, OpenStack), APM platforms (New Relic, AppDynamics), and Source Control tools (Github).

Or run custom integrations with any other tool through our fully featured REST API.


Run Behind the Firewall or in the Cloud

Test your website or apps while they are still in development from behind the firewall on your internal network, or utilize public clouds like AWS and Google.

For maximum flexibility, combine load origins from public and private clouds.


Mobile Performance Testing

Easily record, create, and run realistic mobile tests.

Record Your Native Apps and Mobile Websites

Easily create tests for your mobile apps and websites with BlazeMeter's unique recording technology.

Record both secure and non-secure traffic for all apps on any iOS or Android device.


Scale Up & Test From Multiple Locations

Simulate one million users or more with ease. Launch tests from multiple locations in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific for a realistic representation of your users.

Test from behind the firewall on your internal network or on public clouds like AWS and Google.