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Oct 06 2015

View the Webcast - 5 Ways to Test & Tune What Matters Most this Peak Season

Last week, BlazeMeter and APM experts New Relic co-presented a webinar, 5 Ways to Test & Tune What Matters Most this Peak Season. The full recording is now available.


Michael Sage Chief Evangelist at BlazeMeter, and William Li, Senior Sales Engineer at New Relic, looked at ways to ensure that your website or application is ready for any peak traffic event such as  like Black Friday, The Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, or Cyber Monday. Consumers increasingly expect instantaneous response times in the apps they use and the sites they visit and these special events only magnify their expectations.


Delivering quick, easy and personalized experiences are critical to maintain and grow your customer base. As software teams push features and improvements into production more and more continuously, it’s critical to do real-time testing to test actual conditions and make adjustments. Are you wasting time trying to optimize code that rarely executes? Are you testing and tuning what matters most to your users? See how SaaS services like New Relic and Blazemeter can get your site ready for peak season in hours.


The webinar covered:


  • Setting up a Synthetic test to make sure you are alerted to functional outages
  • Understanding the real behavior of the javascript in your new responsive website
  • Using production insights from New Relic to design the right load tests
  • Specific key performance metrics to watch and how to interpret them
  • Best practices for reducing break/fix testing cycles and optimizing every deployment


You can now view the recording by clicking on the image below.



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