AWS re:Invent Sessions for High Performance

Posted by Daniela Sztulwark

Amazon re:Invent is the annual pilgrimage of developers, devops, tech leaders and all sorts of C-level execs in AWS's ever expanding community. This year’s re:Invent is being held in Las Vegas, November 12-15.
Currently, there are over 150 session with over 16 different tracks to choose from and if you can't attend, there are still a number of ways to participate partially.
  1. Live Stream - Register for the re:Invent live stream to watch keynotes in real time.
  2. Videos - AWS staff have promised to upload videos to the AWS YouTube channel as often as possible.
  3. Presentations - Presentations from the sessions will be uploaded to the AWS page on SlideShare, tagged and organized by track.

That said, there are several sessions that we think would be of awesome use to BlazeMeter customers and anyone in the field of load and performance testing:

CPN203 - Bringing Your Applications to the Fast Lane
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) has added a number of instance types that provide a high level of performance.  Instances range from compute-optimized instances to instances that deliver thousands of IOPS.  
In this session, you will learn more about Amazon EC2 high performance instance types and hear from customers about how they are using these instances to improve application performance, and reduce costs. Read more.
CPN212 - Application Optimized Performance: Choosing the Right Instance
(Presented by Intel) Each application places a different set of requirements on the underlying infrastructure.  Whether it is web, big data analytics, technical computing, or general enterprise applications, applications are run more efficiently when performance, IO bandwidth, and memory capacity have been custom-tailored for that specific application. 
Jason Waxman, GM and VP of Intel’s Cloud Platform Group, looks under the hood at the different types of processors that comprise Amazon Web Services instances and shares insights from Intel IT and industry best practices for right-sizing infrastructure for different application characteristics and capabilities.  
By leveraging the underlying performance, security capabilities, and flexibility of various instance types, developers can more easily migrate applications into the cloud and drive down TCO for cloud-based services. Read more.
DAT207 - Accelerating Application Performance with Amazon ElastiCache
Learn how you can use Amazon ElastiCache to easily deploy a Memcached or Redis compatible, in-memory caching system to speed up your application performance. We show you how to use Amazon ElastiCache to improve your application latency and reduce the load on your database servers.
We'll also show you how to build a caching layer that is easy to manage and scale as your application grows.
During this session, we go over various scenarios and use cases that can benefit by enabling caching, and discuss the features provided by Amazon ElastiCache. Read more.
ENT305 - Best Practices for Benchmarking and Performance Analysis in the Cloud
In this session, we explain how to measure the key performance-impacting metrics in a cloud-based application. With specific examples of good and bad tests, we make it clear how to get reliable measurements of CPU, memory, disk, and how to map benchmark results to your application.
We also cover the importance of selecting tests wisely, repeating tests, and measuring variability. Read more.
MBL203 - Mobile App Performance: Getting the Most from APIs
(Presented by New Relic) Too often, developers think of a mobile app as simply code running on the device. A mobile app is much more than that. Every web API used by an app becomes as much a part of the app as the code running on the device. But while mobile developers have control over their code, they don't always have control over the APIs they use. Web APIs and their infrastructure impact app performance and ultimately the user experience. 
This presentation covers some of the essential aspects of app performance management when web APIs are present, including:
  • HTTP headers are your friend--stop ignoring all they have to tell you
  • Control your network connections on the device—don't just leave things to the OS
  • Configure all your caches and use them
Whatever you do, measure early and often. The session includes a customer story from the CTO of Mirego, and demos of New Relic mobile app performance monitoring, where you see how to drill down into specific requests to see performance by response time, throughput, and data transfer size. Read more.

Meetup with BlazeMeter at AWS re: Invent

BlazeMeter is an Amazon Technology Partner and proud sponsor of AWS re:Invent this year. Stop over and visit us at Booth #1300 or schedule a meeting with us. 
Las Vegas, November 12-15, 2013.


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