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Which beast has half a terabyte of memory and 144 CPU cores?

Meet the “CRAY” of Testing - the JMeter Supercomputer Load is all about capacity and JMeter is a memory consuming beast.

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Performance testing- The wild side of the development world

Performance testing is a whole other animal in the world of good development. Read on for a brief journey to the wild side of testing.   In functional testing, detailed requirements are needed that allow you to consider whether the issue found is a bug or a feature. However, in performance testing, it varies as one cannot specify “pass” or “fail”. You simply gather as much information as possible and provide it to the customer. 

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5 Poisonous Sins That Lead To Poor Performance

If it would be possible to develop web-applications without performance issues i.e. the Excalibur of development, the Arthurian developer of such an application would be crowned King of the Web Development Round Table. Unfortunately, the fantasy phrase “web-applications without performance issues” a fantasy. Are you guilty of the one of these poisonous performance sins?

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