One platform for all your back-end testing needs. Load test any mobile app, web app, website, API or web service.

Easily Create Mobile or Web Load Test Scenarios

  • Need to load test a simple website or API call? Just enter the URLs.
  • Simulate advanced scenarios no matter how complex with advanced scripting logic.
  • 100% JMeter compatible - use your own existing JMeter script as-is.
  • Or, simply record your browser session and auto-generate scripts with the BlazeMeter Chrome Extension.

Setup & Run Realistic Load Tests at Scale

  • Simulate 50 concurrent users to over 1 million, on-demand, with ease.
  • Test from multiple geolocations for a realistic representation of your users.
  • Run as long a test as you need - a few minutes to 72 hours.
  • Schedule tests to run at specific times, automatically.

Comprehensive Analysis & Real-Time Reporting

  • Use simple analytics with intuitive interactive charts to track the KPIs that matter. You can even define new KPIs.
  • Use our test comparison reports for more insight.
  • Export test statistics for further analysis in any tool you'd like and get a full log of every request executed.

Application Performance Monitoring Integrations

  • Key Application Performance Monitoring metrics are collected and shown in your test report.
  • Extend your test data further with top-tier APM solution integrations like New Relic and CloudWatch.
  • Get end-to-end visibility of your server, app (web and mobile), and end user experience.

Get Native Mobile Performance Testing

  • Easily create tests for mobile apps with BlazeMeter's mobile app recording technology.
  • Test traffic on real devices and real mobile networks to measure user experience.
  • Create load at any scale from multiple geographic locations.

Integrate Seamlessly Into Your Existing Workflow

  • BlazeMeter has a comprehensive RESTful Web API for controlling tests and reports.
  • Your CI/CD workflows are easily supported with these integrations: Jenkins, Atlassian Bamboo, JetBrains TeamCity.
  • Use the BlazeMeter JMeter Plugin to send local test to the cloud with a single click.
  • Running Drupal or Wordpress? No problem, we have plugin integrations for them as well.

Open Source Flexibility with Enterprise Features & Support

  • Need JMeter help from a pro? Our dedicated support is available 24/7 - with JMeter help, training and turnkey testing solutions from industry leading JMeter experts.
  • With 100% Apache JMeter compatibility, you get a huge community of talent and support at your fingertips.
  • BlazeMeter's cloud service gives you a massively scalable, on-demand JMeter cloud.
  • Keep it all secure with enterprise grade security in the cloud, or by using our on-premise, virtual private cloud solution behind a firewall.

No Scripting. No Recording. Just Testing

BlazeMeter’s new “FollowMe” patent-pending technology provides instant script-free testing - a true game changer for performance testing.

  • Generate up to 1,000,000 and even more virtual users to follow you in real-time.
  • Virtual users mimic your browsing activity.
  • View real-time analytics & adjust your test on the fly.
  • Change the way you run performance tests forever!

Missing a feature?

Check out our additional Enterprise Features, or send us a new feature request.