Find and fix performance
bottlenecks in hours, not days.

Get accurate performance metrics in minutes
and find out what kind of load your web
and mobile sites or apps can really handle.

No Vendor Lock-in

By providing a solution that is 100% compatible with Apache JMeter™ (the gold standard in open source performance testing) you’re never locked into proprietary technology. Use any JMeter script or plugin as is. No modifications needed.

Maintenance Free

Cloud based performance testing goes beyond mere cost reduction and operational efficiency. With no setup or installation required you’re free from having to deal with system administration and or management tasks.

Automatic Scalability

Whether you’re testing 300, 3,000 or 300,000+ users, BlazeMeter’s server provisioning technology automatically launches on-demand, dedicated servers for each test, just for you. Plug n' play.

Self Service & 

BlazeMeter gives you full control of your performance testing. No lengthy sales-cycle or provisioning resources in advance required. You get unfettered access to unlimited testing capabilities 24/7. Period.

Application Side Monitoring - See What’s Happening Inside Your App

With full Application Performance Monitoring (APM) you get the detailed app level performance data required to pinpoint and analyze performance bottlenecks.

BlazeMeter’s APM integrations with top-tier solutions such as New Relic provide true end-to-end visibility for server, app (web and mobile), and user experience monitoring.

Seamlessly Integrates into Your Own Development Environment

BlazeMeter supports Agile development teams and provides built in solutions.

  • Jenkins CI (CloudBees) Integration
  • Bamboo (Atlassian) Integration
  • TeamCity (JetBrains) Integration
  • JMeter Plugin (run tests locally)
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Comprehensive Protocol Support and Advanced Scripting Capabilities

Accurate results require realistic tests not just hammering a single URL over and over again. With BlazeMeter you can create complex tests that simulate real user activity on your site or app.

You can test real user interaction with complex form interaction such as user login or ecommerce checkout even AJAX based activity. Add advanced script login into your test with response verification and dynamic content.

Realistic and Accurate Server Load

Running tests in the cloud means you’re simulating real internet based visitors and not just your local network. Create visitors from multiple geographic locations all at once.

Distribute the load across numerous servers each with their own IP this is critical if you’re sitting behind a load balancer.

Mobile Suport

Easily test both mobile apps and websites with real mobile device recording. Accurately test mobile performance with realistic mobile network emulation. Read More.

Detailed Real Time
Interactive Reporting

Get insight in real time as your tests are running. See both the big picture and detailed element level metrics with intuitive waterfall reporting.